NxE Client Oh So Crisp! Featured in Wired Magazine!

NxE Client featured in Wired Magazine.
Finally: it’s really a French fry without the deep fryer or the fat! The innovative food scientists at Oh So Crisp have created an all-natural coating that crisps food perfectly in an oven. Using a unique blend of ingredients, they have created a coating that works with a food’s natural moisture levels to achieve a crispy outer texture when baked. 
Currently, their products include frozen, pre-coated Russet Fries and Sweet Potato Fries. The zero-fat fries are then available to restaurants, schools, and consumers directly. The coating also works to crisp poultry, fish, and vegetables. Oh So Crisp is also working on creating other products to bring to market in the future. Stay tuned – this is one tasty treat to watch!