NxE Client! Oh So Crisp! Featured in The Boston Globe!

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Cambridge company tried to build better french fry. Producing a crispy french fry without a deep fryer is one of the Holy Grails of food science. This month, a Cambridge research company, DuraFizz, invited me to taste their latest project, fresh from the oven.


NxE Client Oh So Crisp! Featured in Wired Magazine!

NxE Client featured in Wired Magazine.
Finally: it’s really a French fry without the deep fryer or the fat! The innovative food scientists at Oh So Crisp have created an all-natural coating that crisps food perfectly in an oven. Using a unique blend of ingredients, they have created a coating that works with a food’s natural moisture levels to achieve a crispy outer texture when baked. 
Currently, their products include frozen, pre-coated Russet Fries and Sweet Potato Fries. The zero-fat fries are then available to restaurants, schools, and consumers directly. The coating also works to crisp poultry, fish, and vegetables. Oh So Crisp is also working on creating other products to bring to market in the future. Stay tuned – this is one tasty treat to watch! 


Are Websites Valid Art Objects? Yes!!!

After cruising the web and checking some of my favorite sites I came across this article. We all know how serious we take our words images and websites that we put on the web......just out there for the world to see.


NxE providing website updates to the NoWeaponNeeded.com Non Profit

See Ken talk about the mission of No Weapon Needed: www.noweaponneeded.com

ooNae Products Fetured in www.parenting.com

Check it out: Click here!

ooNae is also partnering with Whole Foods to distribute the environmentally friendly Picnic Pouch. Look over www.oonae.com retail locations page http://www.oonae.com/retail-locations.

As always North by East is happy to be combining custom illustration with custom eCommerce web design for boutique small businesses nation wide. Keep it up ooNae!


The ooNae Site is Up!

The much awaited www.ooNae.com is now available for your viewing and shopping pleasure.

Notice the use of custom illustrations and industry best ease of use features for an eCommerce site.

Click here to read the ooNae story >> Click here to Shop !!


INFLUENCERS a short documentary

I think we are a little lat to the party with this one, but its still something we enjoyed and thought we could share with you.

INFLUENCERS is a short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity are become contagious today in music fashion and entertainment.

CLICK here for your viewing pleasure..........


Oh So Crisp Website Goes Live!

The Oh So Crisp website went live today. Check it out to learn more about Oh So Crisp and their products.



Oh So Crisp selects North by East

Tasty. Healthy. Crispy.  - That’s what Oh So Crisp is all about.

North by East is working with Oh So Crisp to create the Oh So Crisp brand and Identity; starting with the logo continuing with the website and ending with printed marketing collateral..........and then beginning again with brand management and whatever else they need. That's what North by East is all about. 

At its roots, Oh So Crisp is a food development company based in Cambridge Mass, that uses all-natural ingredients to make the foods we eat every day tastier and healthier. Stay tuned for project updates!  


ooNae Selects North by East

ooNae has selected North by East for its ecommerce web development and custom front end web design. Thanks to Mica and Chris at ooNae for recognizing our talents and taking the time to meet with us.

We are excited to work with ooNae and help them get the word out about their Picnic Pouch line of designer/environmentally friendly re-usable sandwich baggies. We will be posting regular updates about the progress of this project, and will fill you in on the whole story that is ooNae, but for now let them tell you about the Picnic Pouch. 

Picnic Pouch, the story . . .

One day, while helping out with lunch at school, I noticed that the trash bin
was nearly full after one seating.  I saw my own children skipping toward the barrel and happily tossing their empty plastic baggies in.  After inquiring with
the teachers, I was amazed to hear how much trash our little school
produced each day.

The creation of the Picnic Pouch is the result of that realization.  
This design has been tried and tested on countless lunches.  The materials selected will keep your sandwich soft and your crackers crunchy for the
entire day!

By using this instead of plastic you are making one small change with a big impact.

Thank you,



IT Talent World Website Goes Live

Some of you may remember our last blog about IT Talent World - "IT Talent World is a premier nationwide IT talent placement agency etc. etc. 

Recently their re-worked website went live. We are also finishing some collateral design and will be shipping the printed folders, business cards, tri-fold and brochures to them shortly. Stay tuned for updates, for now check out: www.ittalentworld.com

Trainer to the stars Gunnar Peterson (JLo,Jackman,Willis, etc) talks to KABC about the Helix.


NxE client No Weapon Needed Reaches out to Urban Teens

Check out Ken Richardson and No Weapon Needed supporting the community and teaching from experience.

Tuesday, Richardson, 47, hosted a party for a few dozen Haverhill teenagers at Shoe City Boxing Club on Merrimack Street to watch the debut of an anti-violence rap music video absent profanity or references to sex or drugs.

"I wanted to prove to kids that I could make a good rap video without violence," said Richardson, who has committed his life to being a mentor to teenagers in the aftermath of his brother's death. "My goal is simply to save kids."

Click to read the full story: Support No Weapon Needed 

View the No Weapon Needed Mission Statement:

View the No Weapon Needed music video featuring rapper "Expo"


Bostone Pizza selects North by East

Bostone Pizza, Boston's only authentic NY pizzeria, featuring thin crust Neapolitan and deep dish Sicilian pizza has selected North by East for marketing collateral graphic design. Look for print and web posters in store, at their website and throughout their social media network for samples of our work with them.



NxE New Website Launch

Look at it and let us know what you think. -  www.nxedesigns.com - Thanks!